We learn from history that we do not learn from history - Georg Hegel. The Round Table Think Tank (RTTT) uses the vast sources of knowledge and experience from 900 years of historic devlopment.
Our skilled Templars and Subject Matter Experts (SME) comes from 30+ countries, with different culture, languages and modus operandi. Many of them are seasoned executives and recognized leaders in their areas of expertice.
If you would like to connect with the powers in charge, explore new business opportunities, collect intelligence, draw conclusions and more, then do not hesitate to assign our Knights/Dames or SMEs to the task.

Earn money

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are contracted to deliver a solution to the Customer. RTTT invoices the customer, when the task is done. A fee is paid out, it is divided between the SME and his/hers Grand Priory.

build network

RTTT builds its organic network on Knights/Dames and SMEs from the Order, from Academia, Industry, Governments and International organizations.


RTTT supports the clean-water-charity, operated by OSMTH, and we are concerned about world wide poverty, starvation and climate change. As members of the Order, we focus on aiding humanity on the pilgrimage through life. We help people in peril, regardless of their race, religion,  political affiliation nationality, wealth, gender or age.