Our customers comes from every walk of life.
We beleive that our customers are engaged world citizens, looking for independent and objective clarity and truths. Our customers are looking for those elusive facts that can be hidden in big data or unstructured sources of information. They are long-term visionaries and short term strategic/tactic, continuously finding the best way forward with a clear understanding of consequences and risks. We encourage customers to contact us. We have much to discuss.

TOPICS OF INTEREST, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Accounting, Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Charity, CivMil issues, Communications, Criminality, Crisis Management, Customers insight, Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT), Cyber Security, Data Management, Data Quality, Defense Tactical-Technical-Operational-Economical-Goals, Democracy, Due Diligence, Extremism, Future Predictions, Geopolitical Analysis, Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), Government structure and operations, Health-Care Operations, Historically referenced events and trends, Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Immigration, Information Operations, Information Security, Information Society, Intelligence (INT), International Law, International relations, Investigation, Military and Foreign Policy, Military Industrial Complex, Military Intelligence (MILINT), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Opionions, Personal Protection, Political Tension, Polls, Population Demographics (international movements, refugees and asylum-seekers), Psychological Defense Operations, Religions, Risk Management, Security Management, Security Plans, Security/Safety/Stability, Strategic Studies, Statistics, Sustainability, Technical Intelligence (TECHINT), Think-Tank Operations, Threats, Voluntary engagements, Vulnerabilities.